Can the iPhone 8 avoid the Samsung Galaxy S8's one big mistake?

Get the Full StorySamsung has a winner on its hands. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and its big brother, the S8 , are two exquisite slabs of glass-covered technology. Instantly lust-worthy devices, yet both are nearly upended by one terrible decision.

The fingerprint reader.

Samsung's decision to put it on the back next to the camera to make way for the incredible 5.8-inch infinity display is an awful one. It takes an exquisite piece of technology and makes it awkward. Samsung averts disaster by jamming the Galaxy S8 full of biometric options: there's also facial recognition and an iris scanner. For me, the latter is my go-to unlocking and payment authentication option. Read more...More about Iphone 8, Galaxy S8, Iphone, Samsung, and Apple