These are the 11 games iPhone owners buy most

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I have never paid for an iPhone game.

I've played popular games on my phone, but I've always had the patience to wait for "freemium" games to give me more lives, instead of paying for them.

That said, mobile gaming is a huge industry at one point in 2013, Candy Crush was reportedly making 850,000 a day.

People love playing games on their phones, which is why the App Store's best-sellers list is dominated by them.

Candy Crush may not be the dominant force it was a few years ago, but there are still plenty of new games to play while waiting for an Uber or your subway train.

Below are the current best-selling games on the App Store. Take a look and see if any of them deserve a spot on your home screen.Minecraft


The mobile version of this popular sandbox game is not cheap, but gives users the same infinite options they'd find on other platforms.

Buy it: 6.99

Plague Inc.


Plague Inc. is one of the few games to put you in the role of the villain instead of the hero.

You're put in charge of a deadly pathogen that has just infected “Patient Zero,” and it's your job is to make sure the plague spreads throughout the world.

Good luck!

Buy it: 0.99

Bloons Tower Defense 5


I was so obsessed with the Bloons Tower Defense games in college that I'm afraid to play them again.

It doesn't surprise me that Bloons Tower Defense 5 is high on the list; the strategy game forces you to think quickly and act decisively.

Buy it: 2.99

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