12 Facts About Pixar's Adorable New Creature

Get the Full StoryMeet Lou she’s super cute.

And now we have a brand-new short to add to the collection: Lou, currently playing in theaters before Cars 3.

Lou tells the story of a magical monster who dwells in a playground lost-and-found box, and teaches the school bully, JJ, a valuable lesson about kindness.

Courtesy of Disney Pixar

1. All the kids on the playground are characters from Inside Out and Finding Dory that animators tweaked slightly. The only new characters are Lou and JJ.

2. The little girl on the playground holding a pig toy is based on Mullins' daughter, and JJ's eyes are modeled after his wife's eyes.

3. Once a Pixar short film idea is approved, it takes around a year to create.

4. Lou took roughly two months to render — i.e., to determine the colors of each pixel in an image — at final film quality. For comparison, a single average image from Inside Out took about 29 hours to render.

5. Creators completed roughly 10,000 drawings and storyboards for Lou.

6. Lou is a female character. "She’s the protagonist," Murray said. "We need more lead women roles."

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