We Tried Ice Cream-Filled Doughnuts And Our Lives Were Changed

Get the Full Story“I like my doughnuts like I like my men: hot, round, and with a sweet, creamy center.”

Thanks to all our sugar-addicted friends on Instagram, we recently discovered these beautiful ice cream-filled doughnuts and OBVIOUSLY had to try them for ourselves.


So, we made the 40-minute trek to B Sweet in West LA, which if you live or are familiar with LA may as well have been on the other side of the planet.

Gotta love LA traffic, amirite?

Crystal Ro BuzzFeed

As soon as we got there, we immediately ordered three Halos that's what they're called for 5 each because we're extra like that.

You have the option of choosing between seven different ice cream flavors: mint chip, vanilla, lactose-free vanilla, cookies and cream, rocky road, chocolate malted crunch, and ube. We went with cookies and cream, ube, and chocolate malted crunch.

Crystal Ro BuzzFeed

Here's how the magic happens! They first put a big ol' scoop of ice cream in between a delicious glazed doughnut...

Crystal Ro BuzzFeed

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