This is the app I use to make sure I don t forget to pack anything important before a trip

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I’m leaving for a two-week European vacation soon, and attempting to fit all of my clothes and toiletries into a backpack, which is how I came across the Packing Pro app.

The concept is simple: Packing Pro wants to make packing your suitcase as easy and streamlined as possible.

It keeps track of what you’ve packed and how much of it , what you still need to pack, and reminds you of those last-minute additions to your suitcase you absolutely don't want to forget, like your phone's charger or a toothbrush.

What makes Packing Pro different and better than a handwritten list is the level of organization and personalization the app offers. You can assign each item to a specific person or bag and set alarms to remind you when to add certain things to your suitcase — something pen and paper definitely can't do.

It's been over eight years since Packing Pro debuted, and it's still one of the best travel apps on the App Store. The New York Times, Forbes, and Cond Nast Traveller all praise it for being easy to use and detail-oriented.

The app has tons of cool features that take the guesswork out of packing a suitcase that I walk you through below. Packing Pro is available on iTunes for 2.99. Simple setup

Kelsey Mulvey Packing Pro

Once you download the app, go ahead and make your first packing list. You can import one you've already started making from your e-mail or iCloud. Packing Pro has a bunch of sample lists for "Couples," "Camping," and "Business Trips" that you can use as a template.

You can also make a list from scratch. Just enter a name for your list and your travel dates, and you're good to go.

Add your items

Kelsey Mulvey Packing Pro

Packing Pro has a massive "Catalogue" of products you can add to your list. Each includes several sub-categories, which makes adding something as specific as contact solution easy. Some categories include "Clothes," "Gadgets," and "To Do." The "To Do" category includes pre-travel errands like setting your home's security system and checking into your flight.

If you can't find one of your travel essentials in the app's catalog, click the " New Item" button at the bottom of each page to add it.

Customize your list

Kelsey Mulvey Packing Pro

Detail-oriented packers will love how customizable Packing Pro can be. Here are just a couple cool things you can do when filling up your packing list:

Assign an item to a person or bag. Packing Pro allows you to create multi-person lists, making it great for family vacations and couple trips.

Set an alarm for last-minute additions.

Add a weight to each item — perfect if you want to dodge overweight luggage fees.

When you swipe "Need to Buy," a shopping cart icon will appear next to your item. Consider it a visual reminder to stock up on toothpaste and sunscreen.

Categorize each item by priority: Don't need it 0 , low priority 1 , medium priority 2 , high priority 3 .

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