I Can't Stop Laughing At These Tweets About A Drowned Security Robot

Get the Full StoryOn Monday, product manager Bilal Farooqi tweeted a photo of a robot in a Washington, D.C. office complex that apparently drowned itself in a fountain.

The robot in question seems to be a Knightscope security robot, which is designed to patrol an area and alert authorities if it detects prohibited activity.A promotional video for the robot depicts it identifying a break-in and helping a woman in a parking lot make an emergency call. It looks a lot like the despondent robot in Farooqi's tweet, which appears to have been found floating on its side in a fountain.


This wouldn't be the first time a Knightscope Security Bot has encountered difficulties on the job. Local news outlets in Palo Alto, CA reported that one of the Knightscope robots patrolling the Stanford Shopping Center ran over a toddler in July 2016. Farooqi and Knightscope did not immediately respond to a request for comment.To a lot of people on Twitter, the drowned android bore a striking similarity to Marvin, the depressed robot in Douglas Adams' famed novel The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.


But it's not just Marvin. There's are a lot of depressed robots out there.

In related news, a robot named Hitchbot that was trying to hitchhike across the United States was found decapitated in Philadelphia in 2015.