Just FYI, You Can Hear A Backstreet Boy Fart In One Of Their Biggest Hits

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If you're even a casual Backstreet Boys fan, you've probably heard their song, "The Call."

🎵Listen baby I'm sorry Just wanna tell you don't worry I will be late don't stay up and wait for me."🎵


Well, I have some good ??? news for you: If you've ever heard this song, you've also heard beloved BSB member Howie D. rip a big fart. Congrats!!!

Diane Freed Getty Images

Apparently, while recording his vocals for the track, Howie farted so loudly that the microphones picked it up.

George De Sota Getty Images

And then, rather than just having him re-record the parts of the song in which he was farting which would seem like a reasonable idea to me pop producer Max Martin just.......used the fart in the song.

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