14 Midwestern Foods That Confuse The Fuck Outta Everyone Else

Get the Full StoryCanned pineapple marshmallows whipped topping a salad.

For people living on the coasts, the Midwest can be a confusing place...

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On top of the confusing geography and unique catch phrases he's SCHNOOKERED! , their regional foods can seem a bit foreign.

North Dakota juneberry pie, chicken paprikash hotdish, and puppy chow are just some of the dishes you'll come across.

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Ambrosia Watergate "Salad"

What it is: A mixture of canned pineapple, canned cherries, and mini marshmallows bound together with whipped topping, marshmallow fluff, or mayonnaise served as a "vegetable" or side dish.

What it's not: Something containing leafy greens, vegetables, or a dressing.

Learn how to make classic Watergate salad here.

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