13 Truly Annoying Things Restaurant Servers Wish You'd Stop Doing

Get the Full Story“The menu is not a canvas for your wildest imagination, unfortunately.” H T Quora

When people stroll in and sit at a dirty table.

"First of all, it’s gross. Why would you sit yourself down in someone else’s mess?

Second of all, if it’s not clean, we aren’t ready for you at that table yet. Now someone has to awkwardly bus the table and wipe it down while your impatient ass just sits there being all in-the-way."

—Natalie Knowles


Or when a group sits at an empty table without talking to the host or hostess.

"If you see a table with no one at it, that is not necessarily your table! There might be a reservation plotted for your table later that night. The restaurant limits how many people can sit in each time-block."

—Jesse Sutton


When someone makes a million changes to an order.

"The menu is not a canvas for your wildest imagination, unfortunately. I have come across customers who ask what ingredients do we have, and start building their own portion based on them.

I know the struggle of being a hard customer and not being able to take whatever from the menu due to dangerous allergies, but don’t be picky in vain. The staff is usually crowded with special orders anyway."

—Sofia Korkala

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