The Weeknd Gave Selena Gomez a Chanel Bag - And We Can't Even Get a Text Back

Get the Full StoryThe Weeknd knows the way to his girlfriend's heart is through one chic handbag. Oh, but not just any handbag - a Chanel bag. In a recent interview with Business of Fashion, Selena Gomez gushed over her boyfriend's impeccable gift-giving skills.

When asked about her money-spending habits, Selena spoke about her new home, as well as her two closets. "There's something that makes me feel beautiful, when I get to reward myself with something special," she said. Adding, "My boyfriend just got me a beautiful Chanel bag, and I love it. It wasn't because it was a Chanel bag, it's because of where it came from and what it meant. So I wear it so proudly, and I feel cute when I have it on. I feel like, 'I love this!' it makes me so happy."

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Despite being one of the most famous women on the planet, however, Selena is not immune to a little teasing from her friends. She then joked that her friends poke fun at her attachment to the bag. "It literally just happened so all my friends are laughing because every time I have it on, I feel a certain way."

Though the 25-year-old multi-hyphenate has yet to be photographed toting her new present, we're sure it'll make an appearance sometime soon. In the meantime, we'll continue dropping hints to our significant others or future prospects.