Black Mirror's Creepy Connection to the New iPhone Will Make You an Android Fan

Get the Full StoryEvery time Apple announces the fresh set of features it's rolling out to go along with its new iPhones, there's usually some grumbling from longtime fans of the company. Like, why can't we get our headphone jack back instead of getting rid of the home button? C'mon, Tim Cook.

When Apple unveiled the 1,000 iPhone X on Tuesday, the announcement that the phone would be trading in the Touch ID system to unlock the phone for a facial-recognition system called Face ID was met with similar raised brows. Despite the iPhone X's exceptional camera, the whole idea hit some people as less cool and futuristic than it is creepy. One of those people is Charlie Brooker, the creator of the disturbing sci-fi series Black Mirror.

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Shortly after Apple's big reveal of Face ID and the new Animoji - 3D avatars that mimic the facial expressions of phone users by using a TrueDepth camera to turn them into the emoji they use in text messages - the Black Mirror Twitter account shared a doctored image from the presentation. Mixed in with the poop and robot avatars was the blue-faced character from Black Mirror's season two episode, "The Waldo Moment." kFF9lEMtzZ

- Black Mirror blackmirror September 12, 2017

"The Waldo Moment" is one of the dystopian show's more infamous episodes, given its parallels to the current political sphere. In it, a failed comedian named Jamie Daniel Rigby is the voice and movements behind a foul-mouthed blue cartoon bear named Waldo who goes around interviewing politicians in Britain. Waldo eventually grows so popular that the TV studio behind the character has Waldo run for office in a local town, which he nearly wins which Jamie disagrees with and ends up having a breakdown because of . Seeing the power of the cartoon, an American government agent convinces the studio to fully enter Waldo into politics, and the bear ends up rising through the ranks and gaining authoritarian power.

Obviously Apple isn't suggesting that one of its Animoji run America although they'd be a much better alternative, to be honest , but the similarities between the two are hard to miss. Booker, who shared Black Mirror's tweet, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about it, saying, "If Apple really is using Black Mirror as inspiration for future products, I think we're all in trouble when season four launches."

If that's not enough to convert you into an Android fan, I don't know what is.