Can We Talk About How Painfully Cute Oz From AHS: Cult Is?!

Get the Full StoryEver since American Horror Story: Cult premiered earlier this month, we've been cursed with clown nightmares, creepy phobias, and a new fear that our neighbors are murderers. But in the midst of all the darkness, there has been one bright light: Oz. The little boy, played by Cooper Dodson, is the son of Ally Sarah Paulson and Ivy Alison Pill . While his moms try and figure out what the hell is going on in their neighborhood after the 2016 presidential election, Oz is dealing with his own demons. In addition to innocently trusting his truly horrible babysitter Winter Anderson Billie Lourd , he's also seeing killer clowns everywhere. He's usually in pajamas and wearing his incredibly thick glasses, which make his adorable, fearful eyes that much cuter.

Another fun fact about Dodson, who has less than 100 followers on Twitter which makes him even sweeter? , is that his family is actually part of Ryan Murphy's AHS universe. Dodson's older brother, Major, had a minor role in the Freak Show season as Corey Bachman. And since Murphy loves to use the same people in multiple seasons, we really hope Oz pops up again and again. He's just too cute!

Ready for some magic! M_Carbonaro #carbonaroeffect WANbuv2L14

- Major Dodson Major_Dodson April 8, 2016

Oz always seems to learn something new when Winter comes over. #AHSCult lTXT6JcqjS

- AmericanHorrorStory AHSFX September 13, 2017

Listen to him Oz. #AHSCult HUK7CuSFaz

- AmericanHorrorStory AHSFX September 13, 2017