Grab the Marvin Gaye Albums! These Pregnancy Sex Facts Will Make You Want to Get It On

Get the Full StoryIt's true: your hormones go utterly bonkers when you're pregnant. One day your libido will be out of control, and the next day you couldn't care less if you don't have sex for six months. But medical experts agree that getting it on when you're with child has some serious health benefits for expectant mommas. Here's why you should give in the next time your partner is asking for a little bit of hanky panky.

Sex can make your labor and recovery easier. Believe it or not, getting it on can actually have long-term benefits for moms when it comes to delivering their babies. And if you're wondering how, the answer is pretty simple: orgasms. Having frequent orgasms when you're expecting leads to stronger pelvic floor muscles, and strengthening that muscle group can lead to a smoother birth, pun intended.

It can help you stay fit. Having more sex can actually translate to needing less time at the gym, and when your belly gets in the way of everyday activities, burning calories can be a serious struggle. Women burn an average of 69 calories in each love-making session, so get busy.

It can reduce your chance of getting preeclampsia. If you have an internet connection, chances are you've read enough scary articles about the complications that can arise when you have preeclampsia pregnancy-induced hypertension to last you a lifetime. Although only three to five percent of women suffer from this complication, a Danish study found that frequent sex may actually help prevent it, since a special protein that's found in sperm, called HLA-G, can lower blood pressure.

It can reduce your stress level. It's easy to get frazzled by stressors like finances and work, but add all those pregnancy hormones into the mix, and you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Rather than freaking out, experts agree that having sex a few times per week can relieve a whole lot of stress. Oxytocin, a hormone your body releases when you have an orgasm, helps you forget all that pressure.

It can help you sleep better. Getting some shut-eye during the first trimester may have been a breeze, but as your bundle of joy grows, getting enough sleep tends to be more challenging. If you're struggling to get enough rest, a steamy session with your partner might be just what the doctor ordered. It turns out the rocking motion you experience during sex can lull both mom and baby right to sleep.

It can help you pee less. If you spent most of your day shuffling between public restrooms, you're definitely not alone. Carrying a baby puts pressure on your bladder, which means you'll see the inside of bathroom stalls way more than you want to. Being intimate can also make those trips to the restroom less frequent if you have plenty of orgasms. Climaxing strengthens the same muscle group that controls the flow of urine, so more sex equals fewer bathroom trips.

It can improve your circulation. When you're with child, keeping your circulation in check is a top priority because your blood supply almost doubles to keep both mama and baby healthy. Having sex can help your growing tot get an ample supply of oxygen and nutrients that aid their growth and development and prevent swelling.

It can mean better orgasms. When you're pregnant, hormones estrogen and progesterone are at an all-time high - which makes everything way more sensitive. That means it's easier to achieve an orgasm that's a heck of a lot longer and stronger.