4 affordable solutions that'll help you improve your posture while you work

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Bad posture doesn't cause scoliosis, but it is linked to depression, poor circulation, and diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It's also linked to career problems: Slouching doesn't leave a confident impression for anyone giving a big presnetation or getting interviewed for a job.

It's easy to sit up straight when you're thinking about it, but when you're not isn't easy to slip back into bad habits.

We found four well-reviewed products on Amazon that help you improve your posture at work without much effort.A posture-correcting seat cushion


When you take a seat, the muscles used to keep your back upright are flattened and your pelvis tilts backward, creating a natural slouch. BackJoy's cushion will tilt your pelvis and spine upward, which will relieve back pain and improve your posture. Thanks to its slim design, you can place it on your office chair and none will be the wiser.

BackJoy Posture Corrector Cushion, 39.99

A balance ball chair


A stability balls on wheels, this chair is designed to improve your posture and activate your core. The maker of the chair says swapping your standard desk chair for a balance ball can boost energy levels and increase productivity, too.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair, 64.31

A supportive back cushion


Improving your posture at work doesn't have to feel like a pilates class. Unlike first two options that require you to balance, this back cushion keeps your spine aligned and suppors your back's natural curve so you can sit up straighter.

LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion, 26.99

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