People have decided Pennywise from 'It' is gay and in a committed relationship with the Babadook

Get the Full StoryPeople of the internet have basically concluded that Pennywise, the clown from IT, is not only gay but dating another horror movie villain, the Babadook who is known as a gay icon. And they are loving it.

as a fan of both the babadook and it movies, this is fucking cUte UNiw1C6i7z

— ‎‏ْ TAEHBERRY September 12, 2017

Just when we thought horror movies couldn't get more wild, people are reacting with some pretty great theories of their own about Pennywise and the Babadook's relationship status. Some are creative, some are riveting, and others are plain hilarious. Just see for yourself. Read more...More about Movies, Humor, Dating, Reactions, and Hollywood