Jump-Start Autumn by Cleaning Your House From Top to Bottom - Here's How

Get the Full StoryThe changing of the seasons is a great time to go through your house or apartment and overhaul whatever you need to. Maybe you just need to do some tidying up or maybe you have some huge cleaning projects scrubbing the bathtub? that you keep putting off, but whatever it is, now is a great time to do it. Deep-cleaning your home shouldn't be left to the springtime every year - it's great to do it every season, so here's what you should tackle now so your home is peaceful and welcoming once the cold weather settles in.

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Clean out fridge and freezer

Clean microwave, oven, and stovetop

Disinfect all surfaces

Wipe down all appliances

Sweep and mop

Get rid of any old food in fridge, freezer, and cupboards

Swap out summery dishware for wintry dishware

Living room

Wipe down all electronics

Wash inside and outside of windows

Swap out throw pillows for Fall colors

Vacuum all fabric surfaces

Sweep the floors

Get rid of any clutter

Dust all your knickknacks

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Wipe down mirror

Deep-clean the toilet, sink, and bathtub or shower

Get rid of anything expired

Swap out your shower curtain for something new

Clean the floors

Wash all the bathmats and towels


Change bed sheets

Vacuum all fabric surfaces and the floor

Wipe down any electronics

Dust all your knickknacks

Wipe down the walls

Clean inside and outside windows

Go through clothes and get rid of anything that doesn't fit

Put your Summer clothes away and put your cold-weather clothes within reach

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Wipe down all your electronics

Delete any unnecessary files on your computer

Shred any old documents

Toss any old mail

Clean the floors

Clean out desk drawers


Wipe down Summer furniture and store away

Power wash your sidewalks and driveway

Get your garden ready for cold weather

Wipe down all your outdoor lighting

Clean out the gutters if you have them