Find serenity in this video of a baby wombat having an oatmeal bath

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Hit play on Enya's "Orinoco Flow" and enjoy this delightfully calming bathtime video with a baby wombat.

The starring wombat, named Nugget, was suffering from a persistent dry cough and mad allergic itching, according to ACT Wildlife Australia, who posted the video.

The remedy? A steam bath, of course, followed by an oatmeal bath — a luxurious cure for itchy, mystic marsupials — in a teeny tub that perfectly fits a wombat.

"He was much more compliant than I expected, perhaps because his bath was warm and he was sleepy," writes the carer. "He went straight back to sleep afterwards." Read more...More about Video, Cute Animals, Baby Animals, Bath, and Wombat