Getty promotes body positivity with a ban on Photoshopped images of models

Get the Full StoryAltering models' bodies is easy enough with editing software like Photoshop. But a new French law makes such retouching — without disclosure — illegal.

As a result of that law, Getty Images released a stern announcement, effective October 1, requiring users not to submit to the company "any creative content depicting models whose body shapes have been retouched to make them look thinner or larger." If such photos are submitted, that's considered a breach of contract with the photo agency.

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The law about flagging any touch-ups was passed in France in 2015 as part of an effort to curb unhealthy habits for models. It also goes into effect October 1. French models need to have a medical note indicating that they are in good health — and there's particular attention paid to body mass index for ultra-skinny models, according to WWD. Read more...More about Photos, France, Photoshop, Models, and Body Image