7 Reasons Why Many Tourist Destinations Are Becoming Overcrowded

Get the Full StoryOvertourism has been in the news a lot lately, as popular tourist destinations struggle to deal with ever-rising numbers of visitors. In Europe, the peak summer season has now come and gone, and new records have been set once again for many tourist hotspots like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dubrovnik, and Venice. Santorini, Cinque Terre, Prague, and Iceland are other European destinations that have been overwhelmed by tourist demand in recent years, but the phenomenon is certainly not limited to Europe. Machu Picchu has introduced tourist caps, and the Seychelles have banned the construction of new hotels in order to try to keep overtourism in check. Even Mount Everest is facing increasing traffic: It experienced its busiest climbing season on record earlier this year. Why are some destinations facing ever growing crowds of tourists and what are the causes of overtourism? Here are a few probable explanations.