Victoria Beckham on That Posh Spice Bob and Her New Est e Lauder Makeup

Get the Full StoryIf I had to describe what Victoria Beckham is like in real life, I would have to say: posh. Seriously! If you look up the word in the dictionary, it means "elegant or stylishly luxurious." She talks slow and smooth, her hair is just slightly wavy in that model-off-duty way, and her makeup seems to melt into her flawless skin. Glamour comes easy to her.

I met with the former Spice Girl at an event during New York Fashion Week to celebrate her second makeup collection with Est e Lauder. And if there was ever a word to describe the new products, posh it is! The black-and-gold packaging looks like mini decorative jewelry boxes. The formulas are both unique and classic. There is a smudgy charcoal eyeliner that gives you bedtime eyes in one swipe, the most-flattering rose cream blush I've ever tried, and rose gold highlighter so good, you might just toss your other ones out. The offering is trend-forward while maintaining integrity - these are Est e Lauder formulas after all!

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"I've got a lot to say. I've been photographed a lot, and as a woman, I have point of view," she said. "I want to create key must-have items that every woman should have in her makeup bag.

Here, Victoria shared all of the work that went into creating the makeup she was pretty hands on! , her personal hacks for wearing it, and her date night advice for any woman trying to land a David.