26 Things All '90s Kids Collected

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Puppy In My Pocket

They each had distinct personalities, and you loved them like they were real dogs.

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Was there a game you were meant to play with Pogs? Mainly, you just collected like 500 of them and occasionally scattered them across the floor to show your friends.



Furries were the best, then shinies – but anything you could scratch and sniff was incredible.

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Micro Machines

Brilliant things, you'd still collect these now tbh.


Beanie Babies

You kept all the tags on even though it made them scratchy to hold, because one day you knew you they would make you rich.


BT Phonecards

You'd always check inside phone boxes incase someone had left one on the ground. It was a pretty unhygienic hobby now you come to think of it.

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They came inside bags of Walkers crisps and were kind of like Pogs, but with Looney Toons characters and little slits around the edge for some reason.

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Garbage Pail Kids

Gloriously gross and fucked up.


Pok mon

Again, you were meant to play a game with these but most people just collected them for the love of collecting things.


Lil' Babies

They came in plastic packets, so you didn't know which one you were getting. Inevitably you got one you already had and had to find a friend to trade with.


Slap bracelets

Sometimes the outer layer would wear off and you'd end up slapping your arm with bare metal. Dangerous, but so cool.

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Hot Wheels

Almost as good as owning an actual car.


Posters of your favourite band

You plastered your bedroom with them.

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Sylvanian Families

Just the best things ever.

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Forever Friends

Their rosy cheeks were extremely cute. The coolest kids had matching bedding.


Merlin Football stickers

Completing a whole book was the Holy Grail.

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These bears

Sometimes they came on the end of pencils, sometimes on a keyring, and sometimes you'd win one in a Tombola.


Glass animal figurines

Why were the kids of the '80s and '90s into these?


Cute rubbers

Looked great, but they tore the paper and left a black pencil smudge if you actually tried to use them.


Polly Pocket

You could conduct surprisingly complex life dramas for Polly in those tiny shell apartments.