"None Pizza With Left Beef" Is 10 Years Old Today But It's Like 100 In Internet Years

Get the Full StoryHappy NPWLB Day!

Everybody, I want to bring something very important to your attention. Today is a very important day.


...Is "None Pizza With Left Beef" Day!

thesneeze.com Via thesneeze.com

Yes, it's been 10 years to the day since one intrepid Domino's Pizza customer decided to test the limits of topping customization.

The Sneeze Via thesneeze.com

Steven, the owner of a blog called The Sneeze, ordered a pizza with no sauce, no cheese, and no toppings...except for beef on the left half.

The Sneeze Via thesneeze.com

The blog post took off in popularity, resulting in a meme that has stood the test of time, and inspired others to order their own None Pizzas with Left Beefs.


You can even order your own NPWLB necklace from Etsy.


Oh, and if you're wondering about Steve Molaro, the meme's creator, he's doing great: He co-created Young Sheldon!