Cerrone on Till: Rankings don t matter, I just needed an opponent

Get the Full StoryDonald Cerrone talks about fighting Darren Till, who is relatively unknown to many MMA fans. Donald Cerrone s love for fighting is undoubted. In 2016 alone, he fought a total of four times, with two of them being merely two months apart.

Cowboy slowed down a bit in 2017, and for the first time in his career, he is on a two-fight losing streak. On Saturday, he will be facing undefeated Darren Till, who unlike his previous opponents, is not part of the UFC s top 15 welterweight rankings.

Cerrone, like always, is not bothered by it, as long as he gets to compete.

The rankings don t matter, Cerrone told MMAjunkie. I feel like in the last year the rankings don t f--king matter anyway, right? Cowboy takes a fight with somebody unranked , and they re like, What the f--k? But someone who has the title can fight anybody they want, and it s like, Ah, that s just a good fight. Come on, man. It seems like the last year the rankings aren t mattering. I just needed an opponent.

Cerrone had a bit of trouble getting himself an opponent after his recent loss to Robbie Lawler, which became a bit frustrating for him. He was also impressed by Till, who stepped in to fight, despite the odds.

The MMA audience is so stupid. They just think because a guy says, I ll fight anybody, that means they ll do it, Cerrone said. No, that s not true. They said they ll fight anybody in public, and then when they get the call and their manager sits down with them and they re like, They offered us Cowboy and their manager says, Stylistically I don t know if that s a good matchup for you right now, you re coming off a loss and blah, blah blah.

For Darren to say, You know what, I ve only had a couple fights, I ll fight a f--king legend, let s go. Dude, right on, bro, Cerrone said. I was that son-of-a-b-tch kid. I remember taking those fights. My hat s off to the kid. The steam s running on him. Good opportunity for him. But people say no all the time. It s f--king asinine to me.

Cerrone and Till will headline the UFC s Fight Night card in Gdansk, the company s second event in Poland.