Open Post: Hosted By Katy Perry Getting Stuck Mid-Air At Her Show In Nashville

Get the Full StoryDoes Taylor Swift have an alibi for where she was on Wednesday night? Because on that night, Katy Perry held a concert in Nashville where the Butterscotch Don has a house, and naturally shit went wrong.

Katy’s Witness tour do-si-doed right into Music City on Wednesday, and there was a bit of a stage malfunction. Billboard reports that after performing Thinking Of You, her tie-dyed Saturn don t you wish it was Uranus? prop got jammed. Katy had to kind of make shit up and was honestly way calmer than I would ever be . Considering how good a job her MTV VMAs monologue did at winning over the crowd, I m sure the audience was elated that she never got around to telling topical jokes. She did laugh the thing off, though:

This is the first time I ve been stuck in space! I know I m kind of a space cadet, but actually, this thing is being stuck right now. They re talking to me in my ear, it s a whole big deal. You better pick your phone up, cause this is a YouTube moment!

Don t worry! Someone did:

Lol katyperry's flying planet stage got stuck in Nashville and she had to jump into the crowd p3aYrYlQbF

— Dave Paulson ItsDavePaulson October 19, 2017