This company lets you book small events with NFL Hall of Famers, Oscar-winning directors, and famous chefs and it s changing the face of client entertainment

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Thuzio is a company that will give you and your guests access to intimate events with legends from the entertainment and business world.

Tickets range from 150 to 300. Seats are typically limited to 100 people at most.

Members have found it to be a great tool in client development, thanks to exclusivity, A-list talent, and impactful storytelling.

Coupling client events with Thuzio creates "unique, must-do and often, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that help build stronger client relationships and, ultimately, generate business."

Ever wondered what it might be like to smoke cigars with NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor, or cook with legendary chefs? Or, if you’re like the rest of the country, watched "O.J.: Made in America" and racked up at least a few questions you'd like to ask Ezra Edelman, the Oscar-winning director, in person?

Well, now you actually can and for a lower price than what you would think . Thanks to Thuzio, you can buy tickets to intimate events centered around legends of the entertainment and business world.

As some members have reported, Thuzio has given them a noticeable edge when it comes to client development.

During the Thuzio Game Watch event, my client’s friend asked me to manage his investments. Undoubtedly, the event provided me an opportunity to impress my client and his guests, and now I have new business. Thuzio Executive Club is a very different way of interacting and entertaining clients and I am so impressed. — Robert O'Hara, CFP, Merrill Lynch

Thuzio has taken my client development efforts to another level. Coupling my client events with Thuzio’s A-level talent creates unique, must-do and often, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that help build stronger client relationships and, ultimately, generate business. — Mike Rupe, Partner, King & Spalding

You can treat prospective clients to something actually memorable that they might not be able to get elsewhere. And from a logistical standpoint, it allows you not only ample, inspirational topics to speak with them about but also takes the pressure of performing off of you, at least for a good amount of the time. You orchestrate a wonderful experience for guests, but the legwork falls on Thuzio.

According to members, the 2-3 hour events are pretty much the sweet spot when it comes to entertaining clients. It doesn't hurt, either, that the experience is unusual enough to garner good engagement and inimitable enough to stand out after the fact. If you're looking for a way to stand out from piles of dinner invitations, this might be it.

Thuzio is also a pretty valuable tool for smaller companies that are looking to wow on a scale that matches larger players. While you might not be able to find it in your budget to lock your startup into a membership with them for the year, individual tickets might be more attainable at about 200 a ticket, and certainly more "bang for your buck" than other options. While big names like J.P. Morgan, UBS, Wall Street Journal, Fidelity, and BlackRock have memberships with Thuzio, single-purchase tickets open the door for smaller companies to play on a larger field.

If you're looking for a way to separate yourself from the pack or want to deliver something more unforgettable than the typical dinner meeting, Thuzio is here to help. And it's certainly cheaper than paying Lawrence Taylor to come to your home for a game of pick-up.

Here's how Thuzio events work and how you can get tickets to them:What's an event like, and how do you buy tickets?


You can grab tickets here, which typically range between 150 to 300 though most land at 199 .

You're not limited to how many you can buy, but the site technically lists it at 8. If an event features a particularly desirable speaker, they might end up restricting the number to give everyone a chance to buy and reserve.

To keep the intimacy element that clients find so valuable, Thuzio typically keeps it to about 100 seats. The venues, likewise, are picked to cultivate a small-group setting. The venues change, but they're all the sort of spots you might head to on your own — the sort of high-end spots that might warrant name recognition and also won't feel like a conference room.

With your ticket, you'll have access to the event, which typically lasts about 2-3 hours though the culinary ones can go a bit longer , an open bar, food, and signed memorabilia from the speaker. Minor details may vary by event, so you'll want to check to be sure.

Events usually comprise a cocktail reception to begin, a moderated Q&A followed by guest Q&A , and then more drinks and mingling. If you opt for culinary, though, there's typically a chef demo and sometimes an interactive component.

If you're interested in scheduling ahead of time, Thuzio posts events for the upcoming quarter and the schedule gets updated on a rolling basis.

Where can you find Thuzio?


The particularly nice thing about Thuzio is that you can provide the same unique experience no matter where you are. If you're traveling and don't know the area well, you can spend 30 seconds to book spots to a Thuzio event and get all the benefits of an evening you couldn't have put together even after hours of cross-referencing Yelp reviews.

Even if your guests are natives to the city, they most likely haven't done this before, so you can still provide a memorable evening regardless of being an outsider.

Upcoming events you can buy tickets to:


An evening with Mr. Peter Jacobsen November 1

An evening with Mr. Craig Duchossois November 14

An evening with Mr. Denis Savard December 5

An evening with Mr. Mark Grace January 23

An evening with Brent Sopel February 13

An evening with Mr. Rick Ankiel February 28

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Los Angeles:

An evening with Mr. Melvin Gordon October 24

An evening with Mr. Steve Garvey November 30

An evening with Mr. Ed O'Bannon February 13

Check out all the Los Angeles events here.

New York:

An evening with Mr. Tiki Barber October 25

An evening with Mr. Jeff Raider December 12

An evening with Mr. Mark Bavaro January 9, January 10

Check out all the New York events here.


An evening with Mr. Alshon Jeffery November 6

An evening with Chef Jason Cichonski November 16

An evening with Mr. Mick Foley March 7

Check out all the Philadelphia events here.

San Francisco:

An evening with Mr. Roger Craig November 13

An evening with Dr. Bennett Omalu December 14

An evening with Mr. Phil Hellmuth January 24

An evening with Rollie Fingers February 21

Check out all the San Francisco events here.

Coming soon: Boston.

Who is the typical Thuzio member?


It's only been a few months since Thuzio began allowing single-purchase tickets, so most of the data on who attends is taken from their members.

The average age is 42, most hold C-Suite or leadership positions. They entertain clients multiple times a week and hail from over 30 industries, including law, real estate, finance, tech, media, and construction.

While the main event is obviously the unique opportunity to spend time with legends, it certainly lends itself to valuable networking as well.

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