Tornado Potatoes And The 24 Kitchen Tools That'll Transform Your Taters

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You should be! Why? For one, they're EASY. Chances are you already have these super simple ingredients in your cupboard, and prep time is insanely quick. Also, they're just way too good. Seriously. Check these babies out:

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The popular South Korean street food has long been a Tasty favorite, and since you're here anyway, we want to help you get the most from your tubers and root veggies. In fact, we've cobbled together a whole list of useful items for prepping and cooking your taters.

Ready for some starchy goodness? Check out our picks below.

A handy potato masher to get out your aggression before you eat all your feelings.

Promising review: "The handle is sturdy and easy to grip, it gives extra strength while mashing. The design is great, I mash potatoes much quicker with this utensil. It's best for stainless pans. I highly recommend it." —SunnyMom2000

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This potato ricer to take your risotto up a few notches.

Promising review: "I enjoyed using this, and it really works!! I have never owned a ricer before." —tiquecruiser

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This Rachael Ray potato peeler and brush that's also pretty stylish.

Promising review: "Makes preparing potatoes very easy. The brush does a good job. I have a few peelers and this one is the sharpest, which is what you want in a peeler. Also fits well in my hand." —marilyns

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A complete grate and slice set that says you really can have it all.

Promising review: "I use this product all the time! You can use it to shred and slice, and it cleans up very easily..." —Deanna24

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An electric peeler that finally puts your hands at ease.

Promising review: "I now have to fight people to use this peeler. It has peeled at least 4 months of various potatoes and fruits and works great. Love this peeler. Who wouldn't give it 5 stars?" —Kath

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This quirky 3-in-1 peeler that will never get stuck in your utensil drawer when you open it.

Promising review: "I actually hesitated in writing a review as these work so well I want to keep them a secret! They come apart so they are a breeze to clean, and the blades are very sharp." —Daisyloohoo

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A veggie dicer that makes perfect fries every single time.

Promising review: "Excellent machine for cutting large qualities of potatoes quickly. Heavy duty to handle volume." —Stan

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A potato seasoning set for the best potato dish of your life.

Promising review: "I love putting these seasonings on potatoes, soy curls, and so much more. It is that versatile and the flavors are so unique. I love them all!" —Care Bear gms

Get it at Uncommon Goods for 35.

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This 12-ounce au gratin dish by Rachael Ray that's perfect for individual servings.

Promising review: "Love these individual serving sized gratins. They are oven and freezer safe so I can make a casserole and portion it out to individual servings, pop in freezer, and heat up when I need an easy supper." —pegmckpt

Get it at Walmart for 15.

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This cautious mandoline slicer that takes safety very seriously.

Promising review: "Very useful and versatile for food prep. Every kitchen should have one of these to make preparing vegetables and other sliceable foods easy." —Bryan A.

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This vegetable brush made with natural fibers to scrub your spuds.

Promising review: "This brush is nice. It has natural bristles that are gentle enough for mushrooms, yet they get potatoes clean for baking or cooking too." —captcm

Get it at Walmart for 5.73.

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A crinkle cutter slicer so homemade chips come out just right.

Promising review: "With little effort, I can cut cottage fries and french fries. I plan to use this cutter on other vegetables. The blade is sharp and does a good job. I am well pleased with my purchase and would recommend the Crinkle Cutter to friends." —HarryKeaton

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An electric spiralizer to get creative in the kitchen while being easy on your wrists.

Promising review: "I bought this a couple of months ago and I am so happy that I don't have to hurt my hands anymore when I want to spiralize." —janniersh

Get it at Walmart for 43.90.

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A reusable storage and steaming bag to ditch the plastic baggies.

Promising review: "Loved these baggies! I've been searching for the perfect Ziploc replacement for a while now and these definitely take the cake." —Lauryn V

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This all-in-one mandoline slicer with four different blades that can do it all.

Promising review: "This is fantastic. It cuts, slices, and more. Makes it very easy and quick to prepare food to cook or for salads... Cleanup is quick as well. I recommend this to everyone. You won't be disappointed." —Cheri

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An apple parer that easily peels potatoes with one fluid motion.

Promising review: "It peeled apples and potatoes with no problem... suction base works great with our quartz countertops." —Mike

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These odd potato nails that properly cook your potatoes quick AF!

Promising review: "These sticks nails really help cook the insides completely, giving you a totally cooked potato!" —thomas

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A veggie spice collection to literally spice things up .

Promising review: "My son and his wife, both professional cooks, love it and are enjoying them in their vegan cooking at home." —irishmom of 3

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This genius cutting board that fits over your sink, letting you chop and rinse all on the same surface.

Promising review: "Very nice product design. It was a lot larger than I thought it would be, but that was great because then it can go over a larger sink. My friend whom I bought it for loved it! Sturdy and great quality." —CG

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This chopper that can cube, dice, or slice your root veggies any way your heart desires.

Promising review: "I don't cry anymore while cutting onions! It can slice and dice pretty much anything. I like that there are 3 different blades, and it's easy to clean." —nikolay b

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An air fryer for easy French fries without all the grease.

Promising review: "The Farberware Air Fryer is fantastic. Made chicken, onion rings, and French fries so far since I have only had it a week, but everything turned out delicious. It's easy to clean and takes up little room. I would recommend it if you love fried foods but not all the grease." —grandmac

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This microwave potato cooker because honestly work was crazy today and who even has the time?

Promising review: "Really does work for baking potatoes. I have two of these as I usually cook more than one potato and the bag holds only one to do the job properly. This product is something that really works." —BW

Get it at Walmart for 12.29.

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A metal potato baker for when you're dreaming of summer and need to bake some tubers on the grill ASAP.

Promising review: "I bought this product for my mom she made us baked potatoes. It works fantastic!! The potatoes are nice and creamy on the inside and we bake them in the oven, but I also hear you can do them on the grill." —Margie F.

Get it at Walmart for 15.29.

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A heavy duty au gratin baking dish that holds up to three whole quarts of something delicious.

Promising review: "I would buy again... It is a beautiful color and a great size, so I am totally optimistic!" —Bschreiner

Get it at Macy's for 79.99.

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