Here's Why People Are Tweeting A Photograph Of A Little Girl From Pakistan

Get the Full StoryThe body of 7-year-old Zainab was found after she went missing six days ago in Kusa, Pakistan.

The murder of a 7-year-old girl in Pakistan has provoked riots and two deaths as authorities grapple with widespread public anger after her body was found discarded on a trash heap.

She had been staying with her aunt, while her parents were in Saudi Arabia performing Umrah, the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, when she disappeared after going to a Koran recital. In the days afterwards her family reportedly received a video of her walking with an unknown man, near Peerowala Road. The video was later shared online.

On Jan. 9, a child's body was discovered by police tossed in the garbage. Pictures of the body were soon rapidly shared on social media.

An autopsy found the child had been raped and strangled before she was killed, roughly four days before her body was found, Pakistani newspaper Dawn reported.

Zainab is the 11th child to be murdered in the past 12 months in the region, Dawn reported, a fact that many demonstrators highlighted as they took to the streets.

Her father Ameen Asari, speaking to reporters after he arrived back from Saudi Arabia, condemned what he said was inaction by the authorities.

Asari said although his family had alerted the police – a missing person's report was filed Jan. 6 – they had done nothing to find his daughter.

“In Pakistan, security is only for leaders and we are just common insects,” he told reporters.

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But many leaders like Imran Khan, chairman of opposition party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf have criticized the current leadership in the face of yet another attack.

In the past two days, some demonstrations have grown violent, with two people killed after clashing with police officers.

Local authorities then released a statement, confirming that four police officers and two civil defence officials who opened fire on protesters had been arrested.

As more information about the man alleged to have abducted, raped, and killed Zainab has emerged, many have called for him to be publicly executed.

The local government has promised to award roughly US 10,000 to anyone who identifies the culprit.

In a meeting chaired Thursday afternoon, it also promised to install more CCTVs in Kasur to prevent a similar situations from arising.

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