100 Stunning Baby Names That Have Incredibly Powerful Meanings

Get the Full StoryWhether you wait until your child is born or decide on options months in advance, picking your child's name is one of the first major decisions you'll make as a new parent. Between the endless options out there not even including the different spelling variations once you've settled on one! and the fact that your child will be called this moniker for his or her entire life, the name game can be pretty overwhelming.

But when you move beyond how a name sounds and start looking at the definition behind it, you can quickly start narrowing down your list. Check out these 100 pretty names with equally powerful meanings that you'll want to take into consideration ASAP!


Aaron: Hebrew - Enlightened.

Aiden: Celtic - The sun god; fiery.

Alexander: Greek - Defender of men.

Amell: German - Power of an eagle.

Amory: German - Leader; divine; brave; powerful.

Andrew: Greek - Strong; manly; courageous.

Anthony: Latin - Priceless.

Asher: Hebrew -Happy or blessed.

Austin: Latin - Majestic dignity.

Azai: Hebrew - Strength.

Aziel: Hebrew - God is my power.

Caelan: Irish - Powerful warrior; victorious people.

Chance: English - Good fortune.

Charlie: English - Free.

David: Hebrew - Beloved.

Edric: English - Power and good fortune.

Edward: English - Wealthy guardian.

Elliot: Hebrew - Lord is my God.

Ethan: Hebrew - Strong; safe; firm.

Ezra: Hebrew - Helper.

Felix: Latin - Happy; fortunate.

Gabriel: Hebrew - Devoted to God; a hero of God; God is my strength.

Henry: German - Ruler of the household.

Ian: Scottish - God is gracious.

Isaac: Hebrew - He will laugh.

Isaiah: Hebrew - Salvation of the lord.

Jayce: Greek - Healer.

Jonathan: Hebrew - God gives.

Josiah: Hebrew - Fire of the Lord; healer.

Julian: Latin - Father of the skies.

Kano: Japanese - One's masculine power; capability.

Levi: Hebrew - Joined in harmony.

Liam: Irish - Strong-willed warrior and protector.

Lucas: Latin - Light-giving; illumination.

Magnus: Latin - Greatest.

Matthew: Hebrew - Gift from God.

Miles: Latin - Soldier.

Milo: German - Merciful.

Nathan: Hebrew - He gave.

Ned: English - Wealthy guardian.

Noah: Hebrew - Rest; comfort.

Nolan: Gaelic - A descendant of a chariot fighter or champion; famous; noble.

Oswald: English - Divine power.

Owen: Welsh - Young warrior; well-born; noble.

Robert: German - Bright fame.

Ryan: Irish - Descendent of the king; little king.

William: German - Strong-willed warrior; resolute protection.

Xander: Greek - Protector of men.

Zachary: Hebrew - Remembered by God.

Zane: Hebrew - God's gracious gift.


Abigail: Hebrew - The father's joy.

Alessia: Italian - Defending warrior.

Alexandra: Greek - Helper; defender of mankind.

Alice: English - Noble; kind.

Amara: Latin - Strong; attractive; stylish.

Amelia: German - Industrious; striving.

Anne: Hebrew - Favored grace.

Arabella: Latin - Lovely; elegant.

Audree: French - Nobility; strength.

Arianna: Greek - Holy.

Avery: French - Wise.

Callie: Greek - Most beautiful.

Calynn: Gaelic - Powerful in battle.

Charlotte: French - Petite; feminine.

Charvi: Sanskrit - Beautiful.

Claire: Latin - Bright; clear; famous; brilliant.

Cora: Greek - Filled heart.

Darlene: English - Darling, loved one.

Della: German - Noble; bright.

Diana: Latin - Moon Goddess.

Eleanor: Greek - Bright, shining one; sun rays.

Ella: English - Light; beautiful fairy woman.

Eva: Hebrew - Life.

Farrah: Arabic - Happy.

Faye: French - Loyalty; confidence; trust; belief.

Gabriella: Hebrew - Devoted to God.

Grace: Latin: Goodness; generosity.

Hannah: Hebrew - Favor; grace of God.

Isabelle: Hebrew - God is my strength; devoted to God.

Jocelyn: Latin - Happy; joyful.

Kaitlyn: Greek - Pure.

Kalila: Arabic - Heap of love.

Layla: Egyptian - Dark beauty.

Mackenzie: Gaelic - Child of the wise leader.

Malia: Hawaiian - Beloved.

Mia: Latin - Mine; wished-for child.

Mila: Russian - Industrious; hardworking.

Millie: Latin - Free-born; strength; determination.

Naila: Arabic - Successful.

Nora: Greek - Shining light.

Reagan: Irish - Little ruler.

Reveka: Hebrew - Captivating.

Samantha: Hebrew - Listener.

Sarah: Hebrew - Princess.

Shayna: Yiddish - Beautiful; God is gracious.

Sophia: Greek - Wisdom.

Stella: Greek - A star.

Vivian: Latin - Full of life.

Zahra: Arabic - Flower.

Zoe: Greek - Life.