Is It Safe to Travel to Mexico City?

Get the Full StoryMexico is having a rough moment. In 2017 alone, state-sponsored and cartel-related murders soared to their highest rate in decades, while everything from devastating earthquakes, tainted alcohol, and news about sexual assaults plagued its popular tourist destinations. These issues have led the U.S State Department to issue travel warnings on some of the nation's tourist hot spots, including an update to an August 2017 warning about the Mayan Riviera as well as more recent alerts for four individual Mexican states. Even so -- and despite signs that late 2017 was seeing dips in the number of international tourists arriving in Mexico -- the country still exerts a magnetic pull on travelers, particularly those from the United States. While many head to Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, and Tulum, the nation's capital -- Mexico City -- has also become a major destination. However, given that it's one of the largest cities in the world -- and travelers' fears about Mexico in general -- the question is often asked: "Is it safe to visit Mexico City?" The answer is yes -- for the most part. Here's what you need to know.