33 Rachel Ray Kitchen Items Under 30 That You Can Get At Walmart

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A four-quart prep bowl made of long-lasting melamine with a rubberized base to keep it from sliding around your countertop.

Promising review: "This is an awesome addition to my kitchen! A great idea from Rachel Ray and the bowl has multiple usages. Very impressed by the quality and appearance — really like the rubber bottom that holds it in place." —DavideReview

Get it from Walmart for 17.82 available in six colors .


A stoneware olive oil dispenser with a proportioned spout to ensure perfect pours every time.

Promising review: "This helps keep the olive oil handy while looking stylish. I keep it right by the stove and am very pleased with how it pours and keeps the contents fresh." —goodbuysue

Get it from Walmart for 18.70 available in four colors .


A 12-inch wooden spoon made entirely from solid acacia wood that won't scratch up your nonstick cookware.

Promising review: "Better than expected. This is a very good sized spoon to use in any cooking vessel. Nice large spoon for serving also. Very high quality for the price." —NancyIL

Get it from Walmart for 7.92.


A four-piece dipping cup set that holds three ounces of your favorite condiments and is also microwave safe.

Promising review: "These are perfect tiny dishes. They're gorgeous and sturdy; the perfect size for putting ketchup or syrup in for dipping." —gknvln

Get it from Walmart for 12.97.


A three-piece "spoonula" set with different sizes for stirring, scooping, and serving that are made from high-grade silicone.

Promising review: "A very useful item. I love how well they scrape bowls; it is nice to be able to mix and scrape with one tool." —SweetsinMinnesota

Get it from Walmart for 7.15 available in three colors .


A lazy spoon and ladle set because spoon rests are obsolete and we're officially in the future.

Promising review: "Love these spoons! They are awesome because they are all silicone. They clean so easy and go in the dishwasher! I also love how they hook on the side of the pot! It's so convenient and there's less clean up than using a spoon rest. Giving these as Christmas gifts this year!" —AshleyWy

Get it from Walmart for 21.99 available in four colors .


A five-piece bakeware set that resists warping and can basically be used for just about everything.

Promising review: "I have started with the best. Highly recommend. Overall the price was the best. Could not be beat. I also feel this product is very high quality and it makes it easier to cook." — Lasalvi

Get it from Walmart for 28.70.


A set of shiny 10-ounce ramekins you can put in the oven up to 500 F.

Promising review: "I purchased these from the store. I got tired of using plates to squirt ketchup, honey mustard, etc. for my kids to use for dipping. These are a great addition. I use them for condiments and I've also baked little chicken pot pies and single serving peach cobblers in them! Highly recommend!" —BabyNavy

Get it from Walmart for 8.07.



A stylish six-piece set for prepping, cooking, serving, and literally whatever else you need to do in a kitchen.

Promising review: "These nonstick accessories work wonders! Upon inspection and trial during cooking, we realized that we got more than we paid for. We promptly donated our old metal utensils to Goodwill and are happy with the performance of Rachael Ray's kitchen accessories." —Gene

Get it from Walmart for 19.88.


A four-piece stoneware fruit bowl set that is so vibrant it'll light up your entire cupboard.

Promising review: "Just what I wanted. These are very good quality and just the right size for my purpose. It worked out to about 5 each, and it was a good purchase for me." —ChildofSea

Get it from Walmart for 15.02 available in five colors .


A 14-inch serving bowl safe to use in the dishwasher, freezer, or microwave.

Promising review: "Love it! It's the perfect size and not too heavy." —AudreyNH1

Get it from Walmart for 29.63 available in two colors .


A hard porcelain butter warmer with a pour spout for effortless drizzling.

Promising review: "Works great and on low heat it can melt a stick of butter in no time. Love it. This is the third Rachael Ray cookware item I have purchased and they all last a long time and keep working like a trooper. Great item. Just what I was looking for." —RedheadCowgirl

Get it from Walmart for 29.99 available in four colors .



A 12-cup muffin pan with extra grippy handles for an easy trip from oven to table.

Promising review: "Great quality. Was given a set as a gift. Since then, I threw out all my old pans and replaced them all with more pieces of Rachael Ray's. The nonstick is wonderful making clean up a breeze. They have the perfect weight to keep from buckling." —newnot

Get it from Walmart for 13.36.


A four-piece stoneware dinner plate set that's both round and square at the same time, because you really can have the best of both worlds.

Promising review: "These plates are very nice. Big and a bit heavy but that's ok. I like the lip on them that keeps juices on your plate. I'm ordering another set." —hercyn709

Get it from Walmart for 19.64 available in three colors .




A two-piece nylon turner set to gently handle delicate foods while keeping oils in the pan.

Promising review: "Love the color, the flexibility that is also stiff enough to do the job that it is intended for. Love them." —radioman10

Get it from Walmart for 7.43 available in two colors .


A durable potlucker with an easy-clean lining and radiant barrier to help seal in heat for hours.

Promising review: "Stress-free and food borne illness–free potlucks! Perfect for bringing a tray of mac & cheese to my work potluck! I warmed the food in the oven while I got ready, then slipped the dish in and it stayed piping hot for hours." —F. Skadberg

Get it from Walmart for 11.60.



Rachael Ray Cucina Stoneware 4.5-Inch Terra Cotta Garlic Roaster

Promising review: "I love this little garlic roaster. It's so cute and does the job. I find it holds three smaller garlic bulbs at once, or one larger one. I used to use aluminum foil like everyone else, I only bought this because it was cute. But it works great." —Robert

Get it from Walmart for 14.30.


A five-piece set of nesting measuring cups that have raised measurement capacities that won't peel off after repeated washing.

Promising review: "What a set of kitchen implements! Each cup has a clearly labeled size in raised carving; not painted on. And there are sizes not usually offered that makes things so much easier. Offered in nice bright colors, these are made solid and sturdy without being heavy and have already become an integral part of of my kitchen." —amy the white

Get them from Walmart for 13.11.


A fancy 12-count stoneware tray to give your eggs a stable, secure, and fashionable home.

Promising review: "This egg crate is great when I'm baking. Just grab the red crate out of the fridge you can't miss the color and start baking. I actually put it out on the counter for about 1 2 hour before baking so my eggs are room temperature and ready. Don't have to fuss with opening an egg carton." —Marianne Zaccone

Get it from Walmart for 14.73.


Rachael Ray Veg-A-Peel, Purple

Promising review: "Makes preparing potatoes very easy. The brush does a good job. I have a few peelers and this one is the sharpest, which is what you want in a peeler. Also it fits well in my hand." —marilyns

Get it from Walmart for 6.02.



A bench scrape shovel with heavy-duty stainless steel to scoop up prepped veggies like a pro.

Promising review: "I love using this kitchen bench shovel while cooking. It has a very flat and smooth edge, catching all sorts of foods from my chopping board as I scoop them up! Even fine foods like chopped herbs will scoop up nicely in here. It's not like a dust pan where 85 of the dirt gets into the dustpan, and the remainder gets swept underneath it for you to go chase it down again. Nope! This catches it all!" —TeamDavidAndSarah

Get it from Walmart for 6.79 available in two colors .


A 12-ounce au gratin dish that retains heat for the best baked recipes.

Promising review: "Small but mighty. This is the perfect one-person sized casserole dish. Very well made, quite pretty! I could easily handle this with bare hands about 15 minutes after coming out of a 450-degree oven. Will be buying a couple more now that I've tested this one out." —MarriedPeople

Get it from Walmart for 15 available in four colors .


A one-quart stoneware baker with distinctive flared edges for easy handling.

Promising review: "Love the handles! My hands hurt all the time and everything is hard to hold, but with these handles I can get from the oven without calling someone. Wish I had gotten these years ago!" —Rosevillegrandma

Get it from Walmart for 24.03 available in six colors .



An eight-inch chef s knife that's corrosion-resistant and comes with a protective sheath for when not in use.

Promising review: "I received this knife as a gift, and it is one of my most used knives in the kitchen. It is my favorite one so far! The handle is not too thick, nor is it too thin. It has a good even weight across the entire knife, blade and handle. The handle fits very nicely in my hand. This will work for both right- and left-handed people." —TeamDavidAndSarah

Get it from Walmart for 10.75.


Pretty cool, huh?

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