Knotty Vibes is the feminist sex toy company the world needs

Get the Full StoryTwo best friends are working together to shatter the stigma surrounding sex toys for women.

Knotty Vibes, an innovative feminist sex toy company co-founded by Sheila Oh and Courtney Davis, aims to empower women to embrace their sexual freedom while simultaneously raising funds for women's reproductive health.

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"Knotty Vibes is an organization founded in my quest for women's freedom and equality," Sheila said, recalling how her first trip to a sex toy shop with Courtney played a part in the company's conception.

"When we entered the shop, we were overwhelmed by high prices," she went on. "I assumed this instance was a fluke and looked online and found high prices to be actually norm." The friends took the issue to heart and set out to give women a place where they could invest in themselves via discounted sex toys, lingerie, feminist apparel, and other accessories. Read more...More about Women, Social Good, Sex Toys, Sexuality, and Healthcare