Democrats are scrambling for a cohesive message to counter the rising popularity of the GOP tax law

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The Republican tax law is gaining in favorability in the latest polls.

Democrats are trying to balance criticisms of the law with the economic benefits.

Some Democrats expressed disappointment in party leaders referring to bonuses and increased take-home pay as "crumbs."

WASHINGTON — Because of substantial wage growth, bonuses, and other positive economic factors, the Republican tax law is gaining in popularity with the American public after initially negative reviews, which is becoming a problem for Democrats looking to run on a cohesive economic message in 2018.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: How to make America great according to one of the three cofounders of Black Lives MatterSee Also:Nancy Pelosi's marathon House floor speech looks like it was mostly for showThe Senate's massive bipartisan budget deal is already getting backlash from every cornerDemocrats just flipped a statehouse seat in Missouri where Trump blew out Clinton by 28 pointsSEE ALSO: The era of fiscal conservatism is 'absolutely dead'