What Are Your Best Tips For Using A Slow Cooker Or Instant Pot?

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Both slow cookers and Instant Pots are perfect for those days when just the thought of cooking exhausts you...

That's because they can help you cook up a dinner without having to put in a ton of effort.


And, to add to their appeal, there are a ton of genius tricks that make using them even easier.

Fox Via gleekivan.tumblr.com

Tricks like fitting a probe thermometer through the hole in the lid of your slow cooker to know exactly when the meat is done...

You can position it so the probe is directly in the roast the whole time — no more guessing!


Or lining the lid with a paper towel to soak up all the condensation...

This will make the top of your food crispy and brown perfect for slow cooker mac and cheese .

Andrew Purcell Via Adventures in Slow Cooking

Instagram: amindfullmom

Or something as simple as saut ing certain ingredients before adding them in to make the end product taste infinitely better...

For both slow cookers and Instant Pots.

Lauren Zaser Via BuzzFeed

So, how do you hack your slow cooker and Instant Pot?


Any tips for making cooking easier, faster, or cleaner with them?