This Delicious Coconut Butter Combines CBD and Matcha to Make an Anti-Anxiety Superfood

Get the Full StoryThere are few things I love more in this world than coconut, matcha, and CBD. So when two of my favorite super trendy wellness brands - Not Pot and Pearl Butter - created a coconut butter with matcha and CBD together, I lost my damn mind.

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Adaptogenic matcha and anti-anxiety CBD make a perfect pairing in Pearl Butter's Not Pot Butter 28 , fusing jitter-free energy with stress-reducing, anti-inflammatory, non-psychoactive canabinoids to give you a boost in clarity.

And if you're wondering, no - it's not a wake-and-bake situation that's what "non-psychoactive" meant . There's no THC in this butter, so no high involved.

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The taste is phenomenal - lightly sweet, ever so slightly earthy from the matcha, and deliciously creamy and coconutty. Each one tablespoon serving has four grams of CBD, making for a very mild dose. Blend it up with some hot almond or coconut, or macadamia milk for a plant-based, ultra-chill matcha latte, or blend it into some quinoa or oatmeal. You could even make spread for toast, or a drizzle for dessert!

This is seriously such a fantastic, simple, and tasty way to incorporate the healing, natural power of CBD into your everyday wellness rituals; 10 10 recommend.