I was fired as CEO from a company that I founded a year later, I'm glad it happened

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Writer Dan D'Agostino was CEO of a multi-million dollar business for eight years — but in 2016 he was fired by his former partners.

After, he realized that for years his identity had been wrapped up in his company.

What you do for a living shouldn't define who you are — and being fired actually helped him find freedom from judgment.

On October 18, 2016, I walked into a board room as the CEO of a multi-million dollar business with responsibility of over 200 employees.

The business was my first-born, grown from an idea hatched in 2008. Minutes later, I walked out of that board room no longer a business owner nor a CEO. It was on this date when I was fired by my former partners and stripped of the business I had worked so hard to create.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Elon Musk explains the one thing that went wrong with SpaceX's Falcon Heavy flightSee Also:Mueller's latest move just dealt the White House a massive 'black eye'Disturbing before-and-after images show what major US cities could look like in the year 2100With over 70 million sold, the PS4 is the most popular game console in the world these are its 29 best gamesSEE ALSO: We studied thousands of people with student loans here's how much money they have