Here's how many calories you burn doing all the Winter Olympic sports

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Athletes at the Winter Olympics posses some wildly different skills. Some can hurtle head-first down an ice track at 90 miles per hour. Others can rotate four times in the air in a fraction of a second — and make it look easy. Many perform death-defying flips and jumps while strapped to skis and snowboards.

These athletes do have one thing in common, though: When they're competing and training, they all burn calories.

INSIDER looked through data from the Compendium of Physical Activities CPA — a research-backed list of calories burned by different activities — to learn how many calories are burned performing Winter Olympics sports.

Note that all the following calculations are based on a 150-pound person. If you weigh more or less, use this simple formula to get a more accurate calculation for you. Also, for some sports, the CPA only has estimates of calorie burn rates — all those sports are noted below. Vigorous downhill ski racing burns an estimated 540 calories per hour.

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Downhill skiing with moderate effort burns 360 calories per hour.

Vigorous downhill snowboarding burns an estimated 540 calories per hour, just like skiing.

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The CPA doesn't have data on freestyle snowboarding, which is seen at the Olympics.

Cross-country skiing is a calorie torcher: An elite racer going 8 miles per hour or faster burns 1,020 calories an hour.

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One Olympian told INSIDER that it's basically the equivalent of a Chipotle burrito per hour.

Cross-country skiing at 4 miles per hour, with moderate effort, burns 610 calories an hour.

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