11 People Who Should Be Banned From Kitchens And 11 Who Can Stay

Get the Full StoryIt’s gettin’ hot in here, so….OMG YOUR SPAGHETTI’S ON FIRE!

This person's pizza transformed into a cheesy waterfall:

AlyoshaV Via reddit.com

While this person just won over your pizza-loving heart:

infinitelyeats Via instagram.com

I'm offended that ANYONE thought this was a good excuse for a salad:

onemadnigga Via reddit.com

But I'm also impressed that someone could actually make a rose out of an avocado:

inaj1988 Via instagram.com

Whoever managed to create a bonfire out of spaghetti needs to be banned from every kitchen:

Twitter: AvelosFloof

But the culinary genius who made this has the key to my heart:

jamesloves2cook Via instagram.com

This person basically made a nuclear weapon:

dukegonzo Via imgur.com

While this person used the the pot to RIGHT way to make endless tamales:

hansdijkema2 Via instagram.com

This person really just gave a loaf of bread the gift of sight:

MyLoveBox Via reddit.com

While this person created a beautiful sight for our eyes:

mikewollacott Via instagram.com

Is this burnt caramel or the molten core to an alien planet?

Skiddle1138 Via reddit.com

How 'bout we just leave the caramel work to this apple expert:

birminghamcandy Via instagram.com

This poor stove didn't deserve this pasta shower:

Twitter: jacarandafm

But you know what we deserve? More pasta art:

Instagram: saltyseattle

I think I'll just take these instead, thanks:

simply.sustainable Via instagram.com

Whoever did this proves that even microwave cooking can go bad fast:

Twitter: robert_hutch

But this baker managed to make a snickerdoodle mug cake look gourmet AF:

avirtualvegan Via instagram.com

This meatloaf person needs to be put out of its misery:

londonladse Via reddit.com

While this meaload needs to get in my mouth:

banterfohi Via instagram.com

Finally, this person has already given up all hope:

Twitter: icumbl00d

While this furry lil' chef has not:

kyra.shitzu Via instagram.com