10 subtle signs you're smarter than you think you are

Get the Full StoryA person's behavior and characteristics reveal a great deal about their intelligence.

People who enjoy their own company, work in silence, and have a strong sense of self-control tend to be intelligent.

Some traits common among smart people are surprising, such a tendency to procrastinate, or a love for chocolate.

You might be surprised to know which of your quirks can reveal your inner genius.

1. You accept that there are plenty of things you don't know

You may think that pretending you know everything, even when you don't, makes you come across as smarter. But in reality, people who aren't afraid to be self-critical tend to be the brainier ones. Intelligent people accept their own shortcomings and understand that there's always more they could be learning. A study published in the 'Journal of Personality and Social Psychology' compared how students performed on a test to how they thought they did. Students took a test similar to the LSAT and then had to predict how many questions they got right. Many of the students with lower scores had vastly overestimated their scores, while the higher-scoring students tended to think they scored worse than they actually did.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: What would happen if humans tried to land on JupiterSee Also:The unexpected effect exercise can have on your personality later in life7 CEOs share the books that transformed their livesThere's a year each decade of your life where you're more likely to make a big change here's how to take advantageSEE ALSO: There's a psychological reason you keep making terrible decisions