13 Things You Should Know Before You Leave A Bad Tip At A Restaurant

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Picture this: You and your friends just finished a nice meal at a restaurant. The plates have been cleared, the credit cards swiped, and the black pens placed on the table. It's time to leave a TIP.


You, of course, are an upstanding member of society, so you leave a 15-20 tip. But you can't help but notice that your friend left a pretty bad tip, or gasp no tip at all.


"Tipping is optional."

Sure, tipping is optional — just like most common courtesies are technically optional. But imagine slamming a door in somebody's face while yelling, "HOLDING THE DOOR FOR YOU IS OPTIONAL!" You're not wrong, but you are being a jerk.


"I can't afford to tip."

All jobs have shitty things about them. The question is, do YOU want to be someone's shitty thing?


"My server dumped a drink on my head, spit in my food, and then stole my car."

Congrats!!! You have my full permission not to tip. I hope you find your car.