Open Post: Hosted By Flippy, The Burger-Flipping Failure Bot

Get the Full StoryThe concept of A.I. is can be frightening. We’ve all seen movies in which we let the machines think for themselves, they realize that humans are lame, and then try to kill all of us to take over. Well, that might not take place for a llloooonnggg time. Meet Flippy, the burger-flipping robot via Grub Street ! California burger chain Caliburger are planning to introduce Flippys into 50 of their restaurants nationwide as their new automated burger flippers. One made its debut this week:

Flippy is a burger flipping robot and today is its first day on the job! https: QoREty8rlV#flippy #robot #hamburger #caliburger DUxBtKfpcp

— Rich DeMuro richdemuro March 5, 2018

So much for “fast food.” Caliburger’s owners and Flippy’s makers Miso Robotics insist that Flippy isn’t there to replace workers. He’s there to help them.

The large automated arm purportedly uses cameras and thermal scanners to work with and learn from its human co-workers, so that together the team can make faster, more perfect food.

Not so much. On Flippy’s first day at work in Caliburger’s Pasadena location, the place was overrun by people wanting to see Flippy in action. Flippy wasn’t up for it. First days at work are always the worst.

Soon, the poor bot was operating well beyond its 2,000-burger-a-day capacity, and the chain decided to pull its plug figuratively, but also probably literally? and run some upgrades.

They’re also blaming the human staff for Flippy’s failure, too. Caliburger’s CTO Anthony Lomelino says that people have to work around Flippy’s schedule, not theirs. A recording of Flippy snarling that at the manager before he used his arm to stalk off for the day would be gold. Who hasn’t quit a fast food job in a disgusted huff? crickets Just me and Flippy, apparently…

Pic: Twitter