Sorry, Haters - These Are the Best Dramas on Netflix Right Now

Get the Full StoryIf comedies are TV's comfort food, then great dramas are the televisual equivalent of a fine dining experience. There's nothing quite like getting invested in a show that serves up depth, twists, and all of the emotions a person can possibly handle experiencing in a single hour. Thankfully, Netflix has some of the greatest dramatic TV shows of all time available on the streaming site.

From modern classics to original series and must-see throwbacks, Netflix's drama category is stacked. Of course, this also means choosing a show to become way too emotionally invested in isn't easy. Don't let the sheer number of choices available keep you from diving into a new-to-you hour-long show that will feed your mind while also keeping you up late into the night watching episodes.

Read on to discover the 22 dramatic TV shows on Netflix that you need in your life.