An expert at Trump's alma mater sees an obvious starting point for an eventual war on the Federal Reserve

Get the Full StoryPresident Donald Trump has so far mostly respected Federal Reserve independence, but that is likely to change if economic conditions deteriorate, says Wharton Fed watcher Peter Conti-Brown.

Conti-Brown says Trump's eventual war on the central bank will probably start with a negative report on Fox & Friends, followed by an angry tweet.

"When that occurs, expect open warfare to be declared," he warns.

It will start with a negative comment on Fox & Friends. And then a presidential tweet.

How the Federal Reserve reacts to an attack from President Donald Trump under the leadership of his own appointee, Jerome Powell, will be a test of the central bank’s hard-fought, always-fragile political independence.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: How to stop robocallersSee Also:GOLDMAN SACHS: Investors aren't positioned properly for the Fed's rate decision. Here's a trade to take advantage of their negligence.Jerome Powell needs to answer one key question as the Fed prepares to raise rates againBERNANKE: Trump's tax cuts are like 'Wile E. Coyote' and the economy's boost will fall off the cliff in 2020SEE ALSO: A finalist for Fed Chair warns Trump doesn t get a basic function of the Federal Reserve and it poses a threat to economy