5 simple workouts that can make you feel more energized instantly

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As we all know, the beach will get whatever body we give it this summer, but being healthy is so much more than “looking the part.” If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your workout or need an extra boost of energy, whether you’re in the gym, at home or at work, try adding these workouts into your summer rotation:Crunches are classic for a reason.

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If your work day has been a drag, try doing some crunches from your desk. These are your traditional get on your back, and get winded after five crunches type of exercise. Instead, try side crunches to target the obliques. As you sit at your desk, place your hands behind your head. Have your chest open, then bend sideways at the waist to crunch to one side. Come back up and repeat on the other. That's it! It’ll allow oxygen flow to your lungs, and you’ll be feeling more productive in no time. Just don't mind some occasional weird looks for co-workers.

Jumping jacks get the heart pumping.

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This one will take you back to high school gym class: jumping jacks. The jumping and constant flow of moving your arms and legs in a repetitive pattern will keep your blood circulating while giving you energy. You don’t even have to do reps with this one. You can do a few in the morning after you wake up, and some more throughout the day when you’re feeling sluggish. Jumping jacks opens your chest and elevates your heart rate.

Get moving on a bike.

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Cycling is a great workout to incorporate especially during the summer. Whether it’s inside on a stationary bike, or outside on a trail, cycling is a great workout for your mind and body. According to a study done by researchers at the University of Georgia in Athens UGA , a 30-minute session of stationary cycling boosted energy levels of the subjects in the study. It’s active, stimulating your mind, and making your booty and legs look good in the process.

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