There is now a blockchain-based religion. No, this is not a joke.

Get the Full StoryFormer Augur CEO Matt Liston has founded a blockchain religion called "0xΩ." Liston pronounces this as "Zero Ex Omega."

He describes the project as a way to "incentivize mindshare."

Despite founding a blockchain-based religion, Liston maintains that he is not a"Cryptprophet."

Matt Liston would like to publicly refute the claim that he is a "Cryptprophet." He'd also like to clarify that he is not the "Cryptsiah" or the "CryptChrist." "I grew up Jewish," he points out.

Despite being the originator of what may be the first blockchain-based religion, Liston is but a humble developer, and doesn't suggest to possess divine knowledge. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: What having a dog does to your brain and bodySee Also:Coinbase is adding another cryptocurrency to its platformA woman called 'the Queen of Crypto' is auctioning off a multi-million-dollar Andy Warhol painting for cryptocurrenciesThis woman made a business out of hooking up cryptocurrency holders with yachts and 4 million cars now she's launching a currency named after herself