YouTube star Jack Douglass made the mistake of asking the internet to Photoshop his honeymoon pictures and boy did it deliver

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YouTube star Jack Douglass asked people to Photoshop his honeymoon pictures.

People delivered.

The results are very funny.

Jack told INSIDER that he and his wife Erin love the pictures.

Ask and ye shall receive — at least when it comes to the internet, that is.

On Tuesday, YouTube star Jack Douglass asked people to Photoshop a picture of himself and his wife Erin from their honeymoon as they saw fit.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Follow the dirt road to this hot spring in the middle of a farmSee Also:A woman proposed to her son's girlfriend and asked to be her mother-in-lawHere are the 20 best tweets about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's reported engagementWe're just wondering, what is up with Pete Davidson and cotton candy?