For the next Xbox and PlayStation, game streaming will be front and center

Get the Full StoryE3 2018 is in full swing, and, as expected, all's quiet on the hardware front — but the future has been teased with one word: streaming.

Streaming not in the Twitch sense, where you watch someone play a video game for fun, but rather an la carte style of selecting a game and being able to play it in seconds without waiting for lengthy downloads or installs.

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It's a great idea, but even with streaming, you'll still need something to play the game on, and streamed games won't signal the end for consolesMicrosoft announced at E3 that it's officially working on the next Xbox codenamed "Scarlett" , and PlayStation will likely follow suit with another console, so that war is far from over. The difference is that the next generation of consoles will be designed for streaming from the start. Read more...More about Gaming, Xbox, Streaming, Electronic Arts, and E3 2018