Mayweather halts MMA plans: I m not thinking about fighting right now

Get the Full StoryFloyd Mayweather Jr. pumps the brakes on his supposed plans of stepping inside the MMA cage. In late January, Floyd Mayweather Jr. first teased about a possible transition to MMA competition. By mid-March, the retired undefeated boxer was already stating his plans to apply for an MMA license, as well as training with UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

The Money Team has remained silent about Floyd s MMA plans for the last couple of months, but early this week, Mayweather Jr. caught up with TMZ Sports where he gave a short update. Apparently, he is currently busy with another seemingly lucrative business venture.

I m so busy, I got so many different things going on, on the outside, Mayweather said. If you haven t heard, I m building the tallest building in New York City. I m one of the investors, I invested nine figures, actually.

For now, the possibility of returning to fighting at all is off the table for Mayweather, but according to him, his tune can also easily change in the coming weeks or months.

I m not thinking about fighting right now, he said. Two weeks from now, you can do an interview with me because I can contradict myself. I m only human.

So, two weeks from now, you ask me the question, guess what I m gonna say, I m fighting in MMA. And then two months from then, I mma say I m not fighting in MMA, I m not fighting in boxing.

Actually I don t know what I m doing, but I do know one thing: I m paid.

Mayweather, who turned 41 years old in February, came out of retirement for the third time last August to fight Conor McGregor in a 12-round boxing match. As expected by the majority, he won the bout via tenth-round TKO, as he closed out his boxing career with a Finalizerecord of 50-0.