Rogan on CM Punk s MMA skills: He doesn t have any talent

Get the Full StoryJoe Rogan comments on CM Punk s UFC 225 performance against Mike Jackson. Right from the get-go when it was decided that CM Punk would be signed by the UFC, Joe Rogan was totally against it. According to the veteran UFC analyst, it s ridiculous and f ng crazy for the ex-WWE star to be opening the UFC 225 main card, let alone be part of the company s roster of talents.

Punk ended up with his second consecutive professional loss when he was bloodied up and beaten for three rounds by Mike Jackson over the weekend. During a post-fight episode of the JRE MMA Show, Rogan spoke further about Punk s performance with Bellator fighters Joe Schilling and Daniel Straus.

He s a very nice guy and he s a hard worker, but he does not have athletic talent, Rogan said transcript by MMA Mania . He s missing... he s a showman, and when he was in the WWE, he was allowed to say, I am the f ng man! And throw his hand up in the air and say he is the man, and they had it scripted so that he was the man .

He doesn t have the ability to move his body right, he added. There s a lot of guys you can take out there, track and field guys, football players and you can get them to fight better than him in a couple of weeks easily because they are athletes.

They d understand how to shift their weight and throw a punch. He doesn t have any talent, is all it is, he doesn t have physical talent for whatever reason. Whether it s his approach, his intensity. It s not his coaching, it s Duke-f ng-Roufus.

Rogan also echoed the sentiments of UFC president Dana White about Punk s opponent Mike Jackson, who is being heavily criticized for not finishing the fight.

If Mike Jackson went out there and just starched CM Punk with a right hand and a left hook combination and that was the end of it, they would say well, CM Punk, you gave it a shot, that s it, it s over. Mike, who d you like to fight next? Now, it s like No, you re not even fighting in the UFC anymore because you should ve stopped him.

He tickled him. He f ng tickled him during the fight.

From his end, Jackson argued that he simply did not want to give Punk brain damage, which is why he held off a bit and instead chose to cook him for three full rounds.