2 Sisters Just Gave Birth on the Exact Same Day, but Guess What - They've Done This Before!

Get the Full StoryAlthough Alabama sisters Mara Meighan and Jennifer Solis aren't twins, they have that kind of crazy "twintuition" that makes for incredible stories. Not only did these women manage to give birth to their first children around the same time nine years ago, they both just welcomed their second children on the same exact day, hours apart, and next door to each other in the same hospital - and it wasn't the least bit planned either time.

Nine months ago, Jennifer had told her sister she was expecting, only for Mara to announce the same news just over a week later. "It was a surprise to everyone," Jennifer told WTVM. Mara added: "Everybody was in shock. When they saw us, people were like, 'Oh my God, you guys are both pregnant.' But then when the babies are here . . . it's incredible. It has brought us way closer than we were before."


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On June 7, both sisters headed to Piedmont Columbus Regional Hospital in Columbus, GA, where Mara welcomed a baby girl named Ana Grace just after midnight, and Jennifer welcomed her son, Marco, just a few hours later.

"Twin cousins" Ana Grace and Marco are both adorable as ever, and we can only imagine that they'll grow up to be two peas in a pod!


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