Moto G6 review: A budget phone that proves you get what you pay for

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The Good

All-day battery life with fast charging • A speedy processor

The Bad

Display doesn't cut it against flagships • Camera is slow

The Bottom Line

Motorola's Moto G6 promises a respectable-yet-affordable smartphone, and it mostly delivers, though there are a few missteps.

Mashable Score2.75

Cool Factor2.0

Learning Curve2.0


Bang for the Buck4.0

Motorola's new Moto G6 has a superb design at a sub 300 price point. But a premium feel for an affordable price is only half the battle with a smartphone.

With its G and E models, Motorola has proven over the past few years that an affordable smartphone doesn't have to be a slow, bloatware-filled device, but they've never been lookers. Read more...More about Reviews, Motorola, Phone, Moto G6, and Tech